Monday, August 2, 2010

Sailing Itinerary

Day 1) Barcelona
Onboard 4:00PM

Day 2) At Sea

Day 3) Malta
Ashore 8:30AM/Onboard 6:00PM

Day 4) Tunis
Ashore 8:30AM/Onboard 4:00PM

Day 5) Naples
Ashore 8:30AM/Onboard 9:00PM

Day 6) Civitavecchia (Rome)
Ashore 7:45AM/Onboard 9:00PM

Day 7) La Spezia (Florence)
Ashore 7:30AM/Onboard7:30PM

Day 8) Ajaccio
Ashore7:30AM/Onboard 5:00PM

Day 9) Villefranche
Ashore 8:00AM/Onboard 7:30PM

Day 10) At Sea

Day 11) Barcelona
Ashore 9:00AM.

Mediterranean Cruise!

We had an offer to good to pass up, sailing September, 2010 on the Disney Magic for a 10 night Mediterranean Cruise.

I have deiced to make two blogs from this one vacation. as in Mediterranean. This blog will be for all content on/during the Disney Magic Cruise. will be for our three days before and three days after the cruise in Barcelona, Spain.

Wendita pointed out that this cruise will be the longest vacation we have ever taken while staying in the stay room. Interesting tid-bit, eh?